So, welcome to the video section on the school. I have designed the video section so that you start from page one and continue till the end.

Self love

This here is the first video I ever shot for all my book series and video material.

Accepting a scary end

In the video I go through the process of death and how its nothing to fear with it.

Outwitting The Devil, The interview

This here is two audio book chapters from Napolion Hill's book Outwitting The Devil. The devil is a metaphore of how we fall for negative thinking and poverty.

Accepting a scary end (Horror version)

So, this is a reedited version of the video, accepting a scary end. Just to give you the right vibe of what I am convaying in the video.

The last step on the spiritual journey. Put your soul in God's hands.

So, in the last stage of your journey you need to let go of worry and put the soul in God's hands.

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