So, welcome to the video section on the school. I have designed the video section so that you start from page one and continue till the end.

Taking it easy, the art of leting go

So, fix the vacation mode that is so good for you to have out with the women/men. Learn to remove the hot plate under your feet in your life and to just let go.

Self-acceptence and goals

This is an old video I have made to make the feeling of having to work for your goals a bit more easy.

Michelle Tanner lessons on how to be cool

This here is a lecture by Jeff Allen taken from the book, Full House Michelle - How to Be Cool.

Learn the geopolitical game, globalism, nationalism, conflict, petrol dollar and god

In this video I go through the geopolitical game that is that happens on this earth sphere.

Isolating the consciousness

Become centered and rooted in consciousness.

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