So, welcome to the video section on the school. I have designed the video section so that you start from page one and continue till the end.

Clearing your mind of unwanted thougths

In this video I teach how to take charge of the mind in a good mannor. Making it so that thought that you don't want to stay leaves you.

Meditation, for keep on having things to say

This video is how you readjust yourself to always have something to say straight out of the heart.

Breaking free sociatys norms

This video is how to break free from the ethics and moral's that sociaty push on to individuals.

Break free from anxiety and hiccups over past events

This is an old video I shot of how to deal with things that have happend that you just need to let go of.

Learn to hit a good emotional state

This here is a short step by step guide to get in to a good emotional state.

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