So, welcome to the video section on the school. I have designed the video section so that you start from page one and continue till the end.

Spiritual hierarchy

Well, this is an old concept. I had to revisit it, you the consciousness is in fact, God. Why do people worship Heaven are that not self-worship? Well, no. It is the human part in process of giving itself to you the consciousness. I am really trying to sharpen this in a way that it will stick, but doing so I have to learn how to distance myself from the human drama, but still playing sort of speak. So clarity came, the picture of what happened and what will happen.  dess had to pass a message to me. That made my heart light as a feather. But now then, is it time to wait? No, its time to continue doing the latest work that I have come to assign myself. On a funny side note, Monica had to go to Italy and as she left the City I (the gamer) became more and Daniel (the character, the player, the flesh) became less. It seem's like there is a need for some lingo development in the future and some research in how to create a balance between, the physical (flesh, the mind) and soul (the true self, Jehovah). When you invite the holy spirit, the spirit that possessed you from the start dies, all you get to save is the spiritual tools that you or some other has developed is what's left for you to use (the ego harnessed to a crystal ball). But most important, have a value system that put the I above the flesh (the me),

Faith, hope and doubt

Yeah, so I am back on it. So, there is more to a poker system then I did take up in the video. So, lets say you have a straight on a open straight rainbow laid out on the flop. Depending on if you have a high straight on hand it would be 4 % chance that another person has the same hand as you,but no chance of them having a better hand. Faith say's you should call or raise any bet.

Nature, God a Universal consciousness and freedom from self

This video I shot as soon as I "got" it. As I broke free from all dependence.

The share frame, the collective mindfield or the kingdom of God

So, here is a video about the subject of how to win frame battles by seeing truth for what it is.

Allow your self to be a wreck, on occasion.

This is a subject that I learned from a guy called Alex. He is a owner of his own PUA company.

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