So, welcome to the video section on the school. I have designed the video section so that you start from page one and continue till the end.

Quit smoking

So, this is a video I have made so people are to feel the right type of feeling and strong NO towards taking a ciggaret.

Strg. Box T.2.0

So, I have started to work out a method of semanticly reprogram the mind of the students in to creating tools that help you in becoming a free thinking strategic. This is why it is requierd of my student to objectify everyone and why feminist's don't like them to be objectifyed. If you stop suplicating after learning this you will become harden in to the person you are. Women like coop relations.

Fear crusher

In this video you learn how to disonnect from all fear.

All things comes to an end. Rick and Morty wisdom.

So, this is the close to the end of my journey in pick-up and self development journey.

Life as a river metaphore, turn down the stress

In this video I teach you how to view time that makes it so you as a person can live free from stress.

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