Curriculum These books are to be read in the following order. It is all based on Dr. Ken Wilber’s spiral dynamics.
If you are a woman it is better to start with reading the Free and brave serie's first.

Foundation: Finding love with Jesus Christ
The virtue of selfishness – Ayn Rand
Angel's ride
A new Earth (Unisex)
Zen game manifesto
The Dark night of the Soul (Unisex)
Unity with god: Find peace with our Savior Jesus Christ and come in unity with God

Then any of the following Books in the folder could be read at any time.
The American You - Part 1 in the free and brave series (Unisex)
The Self Empowered you - Part 2 in the free and brave series (Unisex)
The Angelic you - Part 3 in the free and brave series (Unisex)

At one point the teachers job end and the student's begins.

Introduction to Spiral Dynamic’s

Free work from the Zen game manifesto

A political roleplay to develop international relations, all points that the peace keeping factor can be set by law documents. As with a declaration of independence from Tyrent's and a constitution for all nations to work together, that with a bill of rights for the people of the earth.
A good feedback process for you to use
Adult points
A Swedish bedtime story
Smober, quit smoking android app