Earth under rule of God and Law

Our generation sees the need to bridge the social communication between the sexes, human rights can not be built on gender. For this to happen men and women need to find means to communicate with good understanding of how both can live without the cost of the other.
In the day and age, we live in as humanity faces the need of a global government as we are going to fight, the global catastrophes (environmental, poverty, starvation and famine), humanity have put on to this world. The importance of a global constitution with rights for the people of the earth. To ensure a free world it needs to be written under the value of Liberty and justice indivisible for all.
I want to define here what the word of Liberty to me means: "the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one's behaviour or political views."
and Justice: "The nature of justice as both a moral virtue of character and a desirable quality of political society, as well as how it applies to ethical and social decision-making."

For deeper understanding of these philosofical values check out the Post-Rawls works of: the globalist one of Thomas Pogge, the feminist one of Martha Nussbaum, and the rights-based one of Michael Boylan.

I don't see Jordan Peterson an alt right person, he just don't understand trance gender people because he only follow the bible spiritual teaching.

The Gear's oath

To fully make this work you actually need to visualize Jesus on the cross from the perspective of God and ask for forgivness and forgive the all humanity for there wrong doing. To become the light of God, fully you have to follow the order of Jesus on the cross, forgive. I am the light of God, God being the source of the light that I am. I do God's role. [Your name] leave your control over to God's light. [Your name] God's light control you. The goal is to be gods light and play it's part. That and nothing else. Now as the role of the light, ask of [your name] in your mind to give all control over to to you god's light. Never give control over to any one else. The flesh and the mind are just as the expression goes; a face outwards the light of God shines down through. The Goal is to be god's light and to do God's work, that and nothing else. I, me, you, your, him, her, person are all fictive things from this point, I, me, you, your are nothingness or spacusness. So, goes with your situation. It's a fictive thing. From here all you need to do what Eckhart Tolle call's, surrender. Life in it self now seems more and more like something fictive, after all it's just for a short time. If you loose what's truly yours, it will then return to you. Accept how it is. Words means nothing. From here you see the truth... It's just a game, we play.
God is your only family memember. [Your name] let God's light take control over you never to take it back or give it to the ego.

God is the universe in the now, we can't see it. Just as a fish don't understad it's water it swim's in. You might not have recognize this until you learn to look for it. When you feel her it's like your floating in love. Its all around you, over you whole body and inside of you. God is in the air..

With this facing WHAT EVER if so battle or just being angry at home you can recite this and get peace and detach from what ever pain that you have connected with life.

Peace is strength for human evolution, the human condtion is that of 1 year of peace on every 14 years of war.

And of course more power to women! Yo, I just want to have fun together with women.

image from Satan's feminist:

Jesus made me do it.

We are soldiers
We guard honor
and wage war
In between we wait
Like a stone
Until our chance
comes again....