The American You: A paradigm change to become one of the free and brave

Take your mind on a paradigm journey to become a more effective, sharper, attractive, free thinking individual. This here is the total nerd guide to root yourself in consciousness from where you will have a clear and better access to your mental resources. Learn to break free from shyness, fear and free your mind. Make your life great, become the best you can be and integrate a life thru the simulation hypothesis

The self-empowered you: A paradigm change, to become one of the free, brave and self-empowered (become one of the free and brave)

This here is your nerd guide in to becoming a self-empowered individual. This paradigm will give you an empowered mind-set and tools that needed with it to succed and achive in life under self-steward ship. You will also learn and what it means to have: Social Empowerment, Sexual Empowerment, Spiritual Empowerment, Memory empowerment and Writing empowerment. Become a Self-Empowerment man or woman today.

The Angelic You: A paradigm change to become one of the free, brave and socialy empowered (become one of the free and brave)

With this book you will have become deeply spiritually rooted, learned to approach the opposit gender, deeply improve your memory and learn how to write.

Foundation: Finding love with Jesus Christ, the path of Jimmy: A Chrisitan guide to the single market, for men.

This book is for guy or men of Christian faith that wants to have a better chance at succeeding at the dating scene. It will help you with what you as a Christian man need to be out there to find your spouse and also a bit of what type of people you might meet out in the single market. After 11 years in learning about being social with women this is what I have learned comprised in to 5 parts. The spiritual part (Liberation) Jesus teachings are here to free us from sin and pain he died for our sins so we could be free. Jesus is a liberator and I also find him empowering. He has given me belief in the goodness of man again. This contains This section contains 5 spirits for a man that you can use when so needed together with the guidance of the lord Jesus Christ teachings of course. This part will help you become a more confident, strong man and resourceful man. The ideal spirit, The spirit of an loving leader, The spirit of luve, The spirit of an warrior and The spirit of pure light showing the soul (that Being Jesus Christ). This part also contains mind tools that you can use. Out on the single market Well we are going to have to be out there giving the women to get to know you after all. Here you get to learn of women’s signals, what is happening inside her that she is not telling you because she needs to keep appearance. This here is to teach you how to act like a gentle man. How to do an approach and how to join a group. Grooming Well coming out on the single market you need to look representable and attractive to the girls. Now this guide is written to fit men from all nations, cultures, shape and colors so no need to worry, this should be fool prof. Here you learn about hygiene, clothing (what colors that goes well with you) for different occasion and when to wear what. The date This chapter is more about how to prepare a date and how that can be. The mission: The last call A bit about what type of people you might meet when you come out on the single market.

Angel's Ride: Your spiritual guide for healing and become a more attractive man

So this is a manual for guys to develop in to a strong man, with the way of seeing things that changes his behavior to something that really attract women. The book is written in 9 parts, first the foundation One-night-stand which contains a strong source of motivation to get better at this as well as good nutritional advice to boost your testosterone levels to help you become stronger and confident. Learn how to disconnect from negative bullshit both in your own mind but also in reality. Learn the core foundational philosophy of what reality is from a Zen perspective. Learn how to reach a better emotional state to be the one the girls like to be with. Get an understanding how you can harness your own natural instincts to get the girl. Get rid of fear. Autonomous this part is to teach you to truly become a free man and a free thinker, learn how not to be affected by emotions and thoughts. Learn how to stand against pressure. Find out how sex is a win-win for you and the girl, get both an understanding of how living in the now gives you more power and resources. Find out how you can have an abundance mentality when it comes to girls right now. Learn how to train your body in a way that you can defend your right to self-ruling. The knowing learn about value based leadership and how to harness that power to make plans. Take control over your RAS (reticular activating system) to conjure up good memories at will. Change to a good mind-ses at to have in the bar. Learn how to talk and talk for hours if needed. Get a sense on how to lead women and how to meet up with women until they follow you. Get a healthy sense of what love actually is. Harness the power of tantric energy. See when the girls are horny and ready for you. Find out how to silence your mind. See the social game of everything around you. Freewill NOW learn how to reach the now more easily at will and to enter flow state. Find your true freewill. Connect with both the Masculine and the feminine. Take command over yourself. Learn how to take shit as a man. Learn about the happiness an own family can give. Break free from the everyday illusion of main stream society. The date is a report of the preparation of one of the best dates I have had in my life. Seducing a feminist an report and instructions to get the feminist over to your side and learn how to deal with their possible attacks. Meditation learn how to meditate Tripping on shrooms will give you an understanding of natural system, your place in the universe and helping you of letting go of the false self. Letters to shapeless will clearly define the roles for your psycological archtypes.

Zen game manifesto I to XIII: The grid: An pua's guide to self transcendence

Put your game on overdrive with the developed inner game system of the spiritual manifesto. Eliminate depression, approach anxiety, find passion in life and insecurities. Gain confidence, creativity, expand your consciousness and reach spiritual adult hood. Find your value and find yourself. Zen game manifesto: on happiness, dating, success in life and a recipe for global change. This is what you will get from reading this book: Finding lust of life again. Connecting to a higher purpose. Become happier. Becoming a more free and independent man. Become confident. Breaking out of depression. Getting rid of addiction. Finding creativity again. Connect with your emotion. Find out what you really are about. Get rid of fear. Become a more attractive man and a stronger man. Find better ways of using your mind. Find love for life and the tools to find and get the woman in your life. Learn to be thankful for the pain you have been experienced in your life. Expand your consciousness and reach spiritual adult hood, find your value and find yourself with Zen game manifesto. What I have done with the book Zen game manifesto is to model people like Alan Watts, Eckhart Tolle, Ken Wilber's spiritual dynamics, Nikola Tesla, lessons learned from Swedish military, Stockholm's university, system science with social psychology. 100 books distilled down to 200 pages and allot of lessons learned from the coaches of Real Social dynamics and therapeutic lessons from NLP. It will show you who you truly are here on Earth. This will help you remove fear and build you into a more attractive man for females and vice versa for girls. You will become absolute autonomous as a person, that being free and in control of all your emotions, that goes far in the eyes of the girl. Find out why and how to communication with dess is there. Come, Eden; learn how to go into state on command. Learn to have a titan hard frame, unshakeable. Get the new philosophic-scientific view of a holographic universe. Become resourceful and confident in your actions. That and much more in Zen game manifesto: Self Transcendence.

Masculine Grooming

This is a style guide from skin to outdoor cloth. A compleat guide for men on how to groom, wash them self, picking cloths and parfumes. This book will help you develop an total masculine style.

Unity with god: Find peace with our Savior Jesus Christ and come in unity with God

This here is meant to be part of the last and final book on the curriculum in the education series of the Zen Game Manifesto school. I want to start here with saying that this is a way on setting up your relationship with God in a way that you will walk with him/her/it. God is who you wish God to be, just know this God is not of the world God created. I just happened to see God as a woman there for I refer to God as Goddess. After had read dark nights of the soul by St. John of the Cross I had finally reach the end of my journey. It will help you leave inner demons and restore faith in Jesus Christ and God.
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