The creator

Daniel ”Matrim/Roman” Johansson

Daniel Johansson 35 years old, born 12 October 1982 in the Town of Motala, Sweden. Christian from birth. Daniel became really American influenced during his time at with his self-development journey with the company Real Social Dynamics products and recommendations. Daniel has studied Systems- and computer science with focus on programming and system analysis. Daniel is also a student of Dr. Ken Wilber's work integral theory and dreams of studding at IONS Institute of Noetic Sciences California. Daniel believes that the American constitution is the most important piece of document on earth.

After taking sometime trying to define myself, with as few words as possible I came to this conclution. This is what I have become:
I am a globalist, I am a good strategist, I am a great analyst, I am a programmer, I am a Christian, I am leader, I am a God in bed, I am a self-help guru. I am also a feminist, have good father qualites, driven, hardworking, I rarely compromise goal's, I am honest, I am brave, I have an inner child, a loyal to goddess, and I can not be bought, bend or break, I am an author, I am a hardworker. I am a fast learner, I can see connections really good, I have an easy time to adapt, I am a soldier. I am a Human, I am a Soul, I am a FREE MAN. I am a FREE Man