The creator

Daniel ”Matrim/Roman” Johansson

I am a 36 years old man, I would like to call myself a system developer. But I am also an author, entrepreneur, and a strong initiative taker. The books I have written have their main focus of self development for men and women on what it come's to take to be an adult and a leader.
Since I defended Julien Blanc, and was behind creating the movement supporting him and the company he was working on and still is, during his scandal. That came later to make my economical situation so crippled that I lost my housing situation in Stockholm, and I lived mostly at Hostels around Stockholm area. I eventually found my self living on the streets together with my teddy bear Monk. It was a really tough but a great learning experience and thought me to rely on my social skills. Since I had the possibility to speak with a couple of Frenchmen and hear their take on the terror deed in Paris, I came to ask men and women on the street; what they would do if an agent of IS happened to appear with a weapon, on random occasion beside them, would they act? That together with song's as “how many road's”, “hakuna mattata”, “vad nöjd med allt” and with improvisations of street music having the character of “Peppe le pew” and the story of how it was for the coaches at Real social dynamic's druing the worst of the crisis with the connection to Jimmy. During the worst phase of this crisis, Jimmy being a person with great redeeming qualities; I came to win a lot of friends. But that was 2016, I now have fully recovered from that experience. But I still want to give you a full understanding of how I came to be involved in the scandal that come to hit the company Real social dynamics, and Julien. I was the one going head in to the crisis, established support for Julien with this as a set strategy, published together with the Angel Blueprint, as a pdf. Just to show you I did the right thing I want to show the work that Julien are doing today.

After taking sometime trying to define myself, with as few words as possible I came to this conclution. This is what I have become:
I am a globalist, I am a good strategist, I am a great analyst, I am a programmer, I am a Christian, I am leader, I am a God in bed, I am a self-help guru. I am also a feminist, have good father qualites, driven, hardworking, I rarely compromise goal's, I am honest, I am brave, I have an inner child, a loyal to goddess, and I can not be bought, bend or break, I am an author, I am a hardworker. I am a fast learner, I can see connections really good, I have an easy time to adapt, I am a soldier. I am a Human, I am a Soul, I am a FREE MAN. I am a FREE Man