Pride and bitterness is poison, love is the way

I love to write, that is why I am doing this now. I have been working on a theory around emotional maturity; I want to take up the first branching of the emotional tree that leads to darkness.

Desire and Pride comes from bitterness; bitterness being, not accepting what life gives you. Now bitterness is poison, love is the way. But the feeling is useful. It can be good in fostering and in war. But not in life, I will give an example of this.

Let’s say that a person with a control addiction, want to go in to make changes to another person’s life, because that it’s what control addict desire. Now, as shit hit’s the fan and the control addicts pride over how things should have been, did not happen. As pride kicks in and the control addict, now tries to fix the situation in the person who had part of his/hers, and things get more fucked up.

Now, blame comes in and with that a sloth comes to be from blaming the victim. With blame comes envy and wrath if the person being the source for having the envy, if the person gets what could be seen as prosperity, from the envious persons eye’s.

As you can tell from what I just stated this is how a down going spiral is started, that being something that could be ended with forgiving and loving. Love and forgiveness is how Christians have always won, but still blood have been spilled by Christians in the name of God that is because we can forgive the soul’s we free, so we don’t have to carry that poison inside of us.

Now there is a similar process that comes from jealousy, so I warn you; don't fuck another dudes girl. This gives you smashed windows, and possible worse disaster like scenario if you fuck another mans wife.

In the garden of life, love is the strongest soil for what comes out of it is lust, joy, gratefulness, creative positive idea’s and ultimately new life here on planet earth. So, forgive and move on for wake in the now and now, for the day to come.

Believers, have faith in the Lord’s blessings for the lord will not abandon us. Give me the power to heal my country.

I am happy to write here that I most had an article from a Professor in theology that the time we live in need to reawaken Christians. Now I need to strategies.

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Since I made a promis back when the page was started up "I have found that Eliot from the tv series Mr. Robot is one of the most inspiring character on TV right now. In terms of finding personal power and manifesting global change. But, Eliot has a drug addiction, if you are like Eliot, we have what you need a clean life with the tools needed to continue doing all the good."
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