A way out
As I now have completed my swedish work, a way out of emotional triggers, a way to personal freedom, a way to be free from the addiction to nicotine, a way to self-sovereignty.
Mean while i will listen more to Madison on rights
I want to lift the subject of social justice
#MeToo, #TimesUp and all that … but also #opDeathEaters
I want to lift this article that I really found interesting.
These are snippets from interviews I did with Australian criminologist Dr. Michael Salter in 2014-15 for his 2017 book ‘Crime, Justice and Social Media’ which looks broadly at the role of social media in both crime and justice.

Just so you know how it is to go on a date with me.
Eckhart gives the best dating advice ever
When your country needs to look over what they are against.

Lessons from the wild

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