When shit has come to hit the fan.
Humanity's existence is threatened by climate change. These challenge the myth of constant progress and everlasting growth. Men we have previously shown that society can be changed drastically. Now a change is required as if the war had broken. Humanity is not in the vicinity of the transformation needed to achieve a chance to reach the Paris Agreement's goal of a maximum of two degrees of warming. The more ambitious 1.5-degree goal has probably already been overlooked. Currently, all the countries of the world are running a course that leads to community dissolution, migrations and deep social and economic crises as a result of rising sea levels and extreme weather in all its forms. Last year, the global use of oil, natural gas and coal increased, leading to the highest level of carbon dioxide emissions so far. Another year in the fight against climate change has been lost. Some international advances in climate work are not in binoculars. The hope now is that a number of countries are shaking the Leadership Army, and in concrete policies, it is still possible to discontinue our fossil-based lifestyles and save some of the welfare we built - albeit in a somewhat different form. If Sweden does not want to lead a retreat, what country will it do? The conversion does not require a lot of technical innovations and large-scale engineering efforts, even if they are important. Essentially, the fight against climate change is a struggle that must be politically, culturally, socially and economically. We already know what we need to know and we can do what we need. What is needed is a quick mobilization to a larger conversion than most of us want to talk about. World War II wars showed the mobilization that is possible when countries experience an acute threat. Within a few months, production equipment and social functions could be fundamentally restructured. In addition, the war change was based primarily on prior art. Now our existence is threatened. But while war threats are physically concrete and easy to communicate, the processes behind climate change are not always easy to address. In addition, the threat image is outraged by much of what we hold true and important in our mindset and lifestyle. Climate change challenges freedom and our view of modernity. The fact that it now appears to be the nature of freedom limits concerns the arguments: the free market is a disaster and, apart from mobilization, we need a visible hand, a democratically well-functioning state, which helps us to escape from the undercutting. In 2017 new Swedish records were recorded in international flights and passenger car registrations. Both airline and private carriages are on the list of systems that must be quickly halved if climate policy is to be anything but a game for the galleries. Pouring new biofuels into old tanks is not enough, mainly because biofuel releases carbon dioxide in the near future, while at best it binds future emissions. Emission reductions need to be done now and quickly, but also because the biofuel is not enough for airplanes and cars to the extent we see today, neither in Sweden nor in the world. Climate change challenges our natural vision and myth of the constant progress and, in the long run, also the perception of eternal growth. The climate rating requires a 7% emission reduction annually from the current emission level in the next decade. No country meets that requirement. In Sweden, there is no concrete plan on how to achieve this. None of the riksdag's parties have been heard - or even dared to concretize - how the fossil-based welfare society will be worthwhile becoming post-fossil. Mobilization for a rapid fossil settlement should be the main issue in the election. It is in such a transformation that future businesses, jobs and competitiveness will be created. Now, our leading politicians for the threat of climate are blaming the people to punish the messengers and vote for them. But if they do not shoulder their leader cloaks, those who are punished to be our children come.
The writer Staffan Laestadius DN.se
Creating a new world

To have a full stratigic approch to create a community.
As it seems the zen game manifesto goes global.
Let's talk about a better production cycle
Field report
Well the night starts of with just me and johan we drink beer talk shit at first and try to get me back from all the horrifing shit I had to deal with working for my hrm biological dad. We and up at a place called marie levo south of stockholm. We meet up a friend of johan before going in. Later on a couple of girls come and join the set. A lot of crazy shit happens I start to do my Magic mike moves, death clock roleplay and Ragnar Löfbruks manorism. Girls go god your just so... MAN! Thank you. did you here that Johan?! What I complimant. Now you girl know why feminist hate me. Johan starts to brag about my movment and I show of some new crazy Jokkmok Paradice dance moves. I tire I did not feel up to it, I had not washed away the images of my fathers.... A** yet. I go over to drink beer with Johan. Johan wispers to me. Dude check out the girls pants. A dark spot had started to form between her legs. Hmm.. Well that went good. I jump down from my bar stool and head over to her to visper in her ear. It apperse as some one have made your pants wet and posible your panties. What?! Her she go over to her friend, her friend replies DO I HAVE THAT TO?! I laugh and head over to Johan. Johan ask me: Dude dont you want to fuck those laidys. No, I am not up to it today. Its a good chance I know but still. I continiue to work on to get drunk to a level of retardness before heading back to the hostel.
Back from the moment, October 12-2015.
Found some more old field reports
Well the night started and ended at soup bar at stureplan. I love that place! First approch a little blond pornstar to a girl, a 9. Grrr. I open with nice tatoo, amog jumps in and start to face grabb her. No more, I reapproach with I saw you could do the bugg. We start bugging. She likes it. We move in for some closer action. This did not work. This damn shoos fucked up my center of gravity. She uses me as some backup plan as she looks for her friends and reengage me over and over. She feelt safe around me. 2nd stage. Repor is active at least. She finds friends and tell me shes leaving. Afterwards I relized that she was inviting me to follow with, but still I am broke right now so I could not change venues. BAD BAD.

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