Summer's report
The giggle and IoI flurry
As a went of the train at mjölby station, I meet the first attractive girl. I hit the switch and projected my energy outwards. The sexual attraction was mutal, I still did not open. The cashier in the kiosk called me such a stud after I opend her with strong eye contact: HI! (Wave), Yeah Summer (fist in air, girl giggles says yeaaah), Hard rock, Yeah, (metall hand sign, very unreactive, girl giggle's on why not she say's) , and sandwich (putting my palms together turning them over from vertical to horizantal, girl say's yes, i mean no, I mean yes), make's it tip-top (girl say's yeeees). You have to be this high to go with this ride, tell me your age.
Girl goes whaa..t..
- I make it easy for you are you over eight teen.
Girl said no.
I said: To bad for you. But don't worry, the future is still filled with tickets for you.
- But your such a stud!

A good thing with video

A really great thing with me having done all this video material is that. From all this can make sure to relearn all what I have learned.
It seem's that our Sigmund Freud, identified the historic trace of tyrants in the human psyshe, the super ego. This mechanism is what stifle us, it's put on to us as a cultural mark. I have broken with that, as a globalist. But its presence is constant, since its a big part of the blue meme of europe due to Adolf Hitler. With me breaking free from the super ego, I have become relaxed in most situations. by putting myself under liberty now, and not anarchy.

Putting oneself under the rule of liberty is what is seen as attractive and confident.
1: the quality or state of being free:
a: the power to do as one pleases
b: freedom from physical restraint
c: freedom from arbitrary or despotic (a ruler with absolute power and authority) control
d: the positive enjoyment of various social, political, or economic rights and privileges
e: the power of choice

The distance of 1 and a half year

Lets take up the subject of a puzzle piece as an international symbol for asperger
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