Proof of a Universal consciousness
non-local consciousness researchers have conclusively shown that consciousness exists independently of the brain and after death, based on hundreds of verified case studies that demonstrate this fact beyond a shadow of a doubt. - BY STANISLAV GROF, M.D., Ph.D.
As I like to challenge myself.
As I like to challenge myself in a hard way to find my real limits. I have fully documented what worked well on my Journy on the streets as a wagabond. Surviving by keeping good hygine and nutritnal needs up to hold the moral need to survive such life by just your own machine. That being holding well sustined good spirit and good mood with it.
Self entertainment Urban art
Finding the possiblity to show of the vulnerability brought loss of connection. #WhiteHatHacking, At best I am an eccentric genius as Sherlock Holmes I without regard for my well being jump in to mysteries. At worst I am a over aggressive brute screaming for answers.
For 8 months
For 8 months I lived on the Streets of Stockholm, it was a hugh test for me. It was my trail of passage. I got to face the elements, criminals on the streets and the ill treatment by the population while working on my books. I did it with good mood, stature and presiverence. The zen game manifesto will pull out streangth in you that you did not knew that you had. I found my experince living on the streets as one of the most learning and rewarding challange I have gone through.
In the end of the Journey of Knowing thy Self
In the end of the Journey of Knowing thy Self. We come to the question do we belive in a higher meaning to it all we stand in the face of the question do we belive in God.
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