This is the transformational process I have gone through.
Finding a causality in systems

Yeah, this is an analysation method I have been using to untie events.
Limitless freedom

So I have just created a new video, that I a proud over. So here it goes. The post.
RSD Tyler adapt my work.

So, in this video Tyler takes up a load of the calls of the Zen game manifesto and my other work.
I have become the teacher of my heros.
Here is some older material for those who doupt. This was all by agreement by me and RSD. There is alot to win on what is in this video to the world. Here is a video from an early stage of the plan.

So during my time on Stockholm University we learned to do simulations of pandemics in system analytics. Seeing the earth as a whole organism you can also see the need for some white blood cells (people of strong presence). Growing up I was surrounded by people talking about politics I learned the importance of good visions and how they should be presented. Johansson, Daniel. Zen game manifesto I to XIII: The grid (Kindle Locations 2450-2453).
Understanding our human capability for survival from the survival of our ansestory gen pool, becoming a man or woman in all the meaning of the word. The process of our evolution is 400,000 years and it was not easy to survive all that for you to come to be.

Fall in love with the outdoors.
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