Reasons to guard your history


Our decisions are what will define us, our host is filled with possible decisions when you really take, and throws your eyes out over it, there are so many decisions of things that can be done in the room I am in, so I would describe it like a starry sky. After us we leave traces, called karma. These tracks will be referred to as crumbs in the text below, events of importance as you may have helped others or made something worthy of note. This is a Karma account, and here we distance ourselves from the ego account.

Decisions to have and do not have

All the decisions are not to have in the crumbling track, the better cakes are to find the starry sky to munch on, the crumbs fall out so after. Keep track of your story, I say. Who has had lies scattered around me, and it is wonderful to hear which plants my seeds 'crumbs' give. Having done, having acquired, having the history track of things to have done simply, and everything begins with a thought, with possible collected knowledge. When cakes that are 'not' due to which crumbs they leave in the history track. Sometimes it can be something you can clean up, for example. if you spill flour on the floor, and it gives something to brag about. Darken the cookies that lie on things that are not in your nature as a human being, that is, your human nature and culture.

Protect and defend

It is so that one has to protect and defend his story, save his awards, his work, make copies keep under lock and watch. There are people who are looking for the status you worked for you, through dirt throwing they can get themselves to stand as heroes. By destroying, throwing or stealing your work, they can weaken your position. Be ready to set yourself outside the legal framework if required, this is your life it is about.
Becoming beefcake enough to eat

When your work

It is with great thankfullness I can put in to text here that my work has created a cultural social shift on a social group.
So, as I came to realize as I have been writing this booklet. That this are going to be a great help for those of my student's who are part of the HiVe Anonymous collective. Since they are on constant watch, and with readiness to take down any site involving, trafficking or groups of pedophiles coming together with agendas on internet, and of course taking down site's that share's and promotes usage child pornography. To keep them self out of harms way doing their work, psychologically, mentally and possibly physically -The good fight, a viable download here
A way out
As I now have completed my swedish work, a way out of emotional triggers, a way to personal freedom, a way to be free from the addiction to nicotine, a way to self-sovereignty.
Mean while i will listen more to Madison on rights
I want to lift the subject of social justice
#MeToo, #TimesUp and all that … but also #opDeathEaters
I want to lift this article that I really found interesting.
These are snippets from interviews I did with Australian criminologist Dr. Michael Salter in 2014-15 for his 2017 book ‘Crime, Justice and Social Media’ which looks broadly at the role of social media in both crime and justice.

Just so you know how it is to go on a date with me.
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