Finding old notes
A feeling of standing beside a cliff, fronting the unknown abyss. With a believe that everything is going to be alright, one foot out and next foot out in the unknown. Like Albert Einstein on a futon in space. On the edge of your life and beyond, your in serge not the ego not the mind. Decisions form rapidly in the moment from next thing to the next thing. If you ask the question what you are supposed to do, you are doing it wrong. You will feel it grow out do it or don’t. But be a doer or at least go get(h)er.
From the start of 2016 till aug 2016 I lived on the streets of Stockholm

Early 2016, I started to loose memories at a rapid pace 20 minutes after ingesting food together with my parent's. As a possibility came to go to Stockholm I took it, where I lived on the streets or at Hostels. From doing research on the internet I came to the conclusion that the most likely cause of my retrograde amnesia was poisoning. But since my parents was unaffected by the food they ate, it opened up for more questioning. During Spring 2016 U.S NATO Forces visited Stockholm city. As I walked on the street I could observe a big part of the citizens of Sweden watching RT, Putin propaganda on computers in stores and behaving really “unpleasant” around any of the U.S personal. As I came to be in a conversation with the Naval Sea Captain of the ship anchored in the “Slussen” area. We came to question if this was organized and if that what/who was behind it all.
During that time, I continued working and had a produced a book, that really impressed the Sea Captain. Zen game manifesto IX – X: Agoge. A book about survival something I had good use of. As I also coached the people of Stockholm, to let go of there "problems" with the Queen Elsa's quick break over to the dark side.

It was a long way back but, yeah I am stronger now.
As soon I came to my home town again (Stockholm's street had become to dangerous to stay at), I started work with the book Foundation: Finding love with Jesus Christ, the path of Jimmy. Taking the path of the man who's story made people listen to me. As I was doing that work, I once more got amnesia, that time it was total. But, now I have fully recovered from.

As new work is coming this one will be free. for all in the name of our savior Jesus Christ, I give you the Good Fight.
As it has come together
How was it now I wanted to describe my video product. Well, I wanted it to look clean so I have not fully reached what I wanted to achieve LifeGameOS. But all in all, I deliver all that I wish to deliver with it as a product. That is big progress acording to me.
Your foot print
25 June 2015 13:16

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