When you find, something old... That you fought for, and get back at it
Waking up
So, as I look at it with the new swedish work I have made. It will not be public. But, yeah I am at that Lucy/Limitless state. - without the possible experimental chemical component and the blue eye's.
The experiement was a success.

Time to create change, Patriotism is about being thankful for all that our country has given possibility to.
Having the eyes of an American I finally found that thing; that have gone lost here in Sweden. Our patriotism and our soul, that the Swedish defense had built in to the citizens with their mandatory military draft, thereby creating the tie between citizen and the legacy that our current Royal Dynasty Bernadotte, given us the parliamentary democracy that are our current governmental system. With that our free sexual standing internationally can be awakened, maybe.....

And with that, I found a more stable ground to stand on than Jesus Christ, on a Blue Meme Level.

Patriotism, fosterland love, is an expression of loyalty and love for your own country or state or a specific region within a state. Patriotism has historically aimed at an attitude in individual life. A patriot, foster country friend, is a person who loves his country and eagerly promotes its interests with the subordination of his own. In the political struggles, a party has rarely assigned the name patriots, hence suggesting that it is actually fosterish. To add to be thankful for all that the country has given possibility to.

What this means that you stand behind proud and ready to defend is. Sweden in tradition and in history.
Civilian political influence was gradually strengthened during the 19th century. A first voting reform was decided in 1909, which included voting rights for all men with graduated voting rights and a proportional voting system. In 1919, parliamentary decisions on universal and equal voting rights were taken in Sweden, after King Gustaf V agreed to appoint Sweden's government on the basis of the majority of the Riksdag in 1917. Equal voting rights were applied for the first time in the Second Chamber, 1921, which led to a Social-Democratic government under Hjalmar Branting.
During the 1920s, the government changed, but in 1932 the Social Democrats came to power and, in addition to the summer of 1936, the party remained in power until 1976. During the Second World War's assembly government and the 1950s coalition government with the current Center Party, however, the government was divided with other parties.
Even during the Second World War, the Nordic countries hoped to be neutral, but this hope was crashed by the Soviet Union's attack on Finland and Nazi attacks on Denmark and Norway, which forced Sweden to pursue a pragmatic policy against the outside world. After the end of the war, the coalition government was closed and a purely social democratic government took office. During the 1950s and 1960s, major reforms were undertaken in the field of social policy, and in the early 1970s, labor market reorganization was implemented. The economic boom during these years made it possible for many to benefit from an increasing living standard.
Swedish security policy was based on freedom of alliance in peace time aimed at neutrality in the event of war. Later, however, it has been found that formal freedom of alliance did not prevent close arms-technical cooperation with NATO. However, Prime Minister Olof Palme ran an offensive foreign policy criticizing the Vietnam war and apartheid in South Africa.
In 1971, the former two-chamber anniversary was replaced by a single-family anniversary. In 1974 a comprehensive reform of the bases came. In the 1970s, the economy deteriorated and the energy issue became relevant. The criticism of nuclear power led to the decision of the Riksdag that no more nuclear power plants would be built.
Patriotism has historically aimed at an attitude in individual life, while nationalism refers to political movements. In practice, however, such a distinction has never been maintained.

And with this I have desided to share my free work here. Well, let's say I have a global agenda with that.

With this book series you will have, a higher focus, a clearity of mind, broken free from depression, deattached from the flesh, tactical over view of any type of situation, confidence, repor building skills like a God. This here is my most impressive work. Not only that you will have climbed the integral spiral meme, to the highest level. The work is so effective can be observed and seen from an outsider perspective as your read throug the work. 

In this book series I have documented the road from a Protestant Christian (pre-rational) to a more scientific frame work (post-rational), and teaching the readers on the way all the spiritual tool's that come's with.
With a attitude built in that would be considered in the modern word, the attitude of a HERO.

1. The good fight.pdf
2. Sheer force of will.pdf
3. Spiritual self-sovereignty.pdf
4. Universal self.pdf

The books are avalible here on my google drive account.

Since the movment of nazism still is alive here in Europe let's remember, that Patriotism is a word that Adolf Hitler had tainted with his book Main Kampf, and Nazism still does.
How I fixed my cover letter

It will distinguish your application for applying to work to have a good photo. I have found a way of making your selfie's look like a profesional shot photo.
I wanted to be looking something like my rolemodel's from NASA. To ashive this, well first of I needed the right background, then it was just to corp that arm out.

Now, of course formating is important, good font's and good spelling. Now, hyperlinks are not that common in cover letter, but one must make the possiblity to have
an easy time to find out the information of how and why I got dragged with in this scandal. That got me homeless, now my cover letter is a scrap book.

The result in the cover letter, I want to call it EPIC.
Take the program, get healthy, get back on track
Let's start with going in to how I ended up living on the street's as the scandal that come to hit the company Real social dynamics, and Julian. I was the one going head in to the crisis, established support for Julien with this as a set strategy. And also let me show you what Julien do today.

I have publish this video to show how far my situation was damaged by the Julien Blanc scandal.

And how it looks now.
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