Giving joy to others brings you pride and peace
Things looking up, I feel so happy for my big brother right. It feels alright to give him a nest egg. As things evloves on that market and as he is willing to continue to invest in bitcoin's.

So, some of you have big goal's in science as did I once

Some of you surely have big goals in a scientific career. Make sure to look at IONS to see if you can make a difference.
The killing of pet's
So, I have personal experince of how it is to face cruel killings of my personal pet's. Horrid and painful as it is to loose a loved family member. It is important to find these sadistic individuals.

The grind
So as this #metoo thing evolves here in Sweden things seems to start to fall in it's place. I have an understanding of the pourpus of what I have been through.

The creeps are invading the “civilization” we have to avoid being associated with the creepers. Now if you hope to get grinded by a woman you will have to hit the dance floor your first move will be to stop and hover and dance like Redfoo. The woman will go thru the 3 faces of an approach again; she is the one who gets to make the step towards making the grind. She is the squirrel, koala or possible drop bear you’re the tree patience. If she leaves you should be unaffected emotionally but don’t approach her until she starts to linger around you.

Johansson, Daniel. Foundation: Finding love with Jesus Christ, the path of Jimmy: A Chrisitan guide to the singel market, for men. (Kindle Locations 825-830). UNKNOWN. Kindle Edition.

As a sexist president is in the white house and a silent
As a sexist president is in the white house and a silent roar of feminism victory stirs a flood of people studing social democratic values through feminism. They just need to stop raging about it, that will happen well on it's own course of time. With that the global awarness from Al Gore's An inconvienient sequal, while I am sitting on public image dynimite that needs to keep record of. But if handeled well its all set to deploy in a good order an fasion with no such need of. From there a new movment will come from all the spiritual mindful teachings that are coming in with Jim Carry. I have the recipie for global success.

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