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So, it seems like your president Trump is Bannon’s puppet while Bannon take a progressive strategy in a ever being psycel of war (Read the Integral analysi’s here).  You get to connect the dots on the poltical areana. Seem’s like the current move’s of right wing extremist (Alt right) forfill current politcal prophesy(result of strategy, add religion) from ISIS. You can see current line from current U.S. strategy.

But as it seems:

I just read an article posted on the group Origins of Consciusness with a link to a article written about Physicist Gregory Matloff work, that pointed to a proto-consciousness field that could extend through all of space. Creating a universal consciusness.

Now this was my reply:
“but his argument that self-awareness and free will begin with quantum events in the brain inevitably links our minds with the cosmos.” This seems to match up with a book by St. John of the cross. A monk describes how to set your self in process of giving your self to “God” and in its process a bigger sense of freedome emerge. I do belive that the universe is Conscious. But I have no other argument than that I just describe and some clerovant experiences. That points towards that something guiding is there.

Anyhow, since god is on the menué

Well, this is an old concept. I had to revisit it, you the consciousness is in fact, God. Why do people worship God in Heaven are that not self-worship? Well, no. It is the human part in process of giving itself to you the consciousness. I am really trying to sharpen this in a way that it will stick, but doing so I have to learn how to distance myself from the human drama, but still playing sort of speak. Yeah and now we move over to a more critical face of what can happen, but if all goes as it should no need to leave Sweden, yet. I should really stop reading up on the Freemasons.

It seem’s like there is a need for some lingo development in the future and some research in how to create a balance between, the physical (flesh, the mind) and soul (the true self, Jehovah). When you invite the holy spirit, the spirit that possessed you from the start dies, all you get to save is the spiritual tools that you or some other has developed is whats left for you to use (the ego harnessed to a crystal ball). But most important, have a value system that put the I above the flesh (the me),

So, here I the affermation, it works well. With the teachings of Jesus disciples.

Jesus on the cross is a representation of your higher consciussness, your 8th chackra, your doorway to God. Your soul as Christ silence your mind and die’s for you in the process.

You need to study the new testament, there is a really awsome audio version with Johnny Cash, New testament King James version.

Now the Lord (Jesus spirit on the cross) should have the role of mother, father and the Lord being God in heaven. 
I [Name] give my mind and myself (the physical) to the Lord to lead and rule me,
to disengage with the human roleplay,
to not see my self as a member of sociaty,
and to step a side.
Now you become, Lord.
Rise Lord, Rise.

I would recomend to use the come Eden affermation from Finding Love with Jesus Christ:The path of Jimmy. The spirit of Jesus Christ will empty you and make you a man or Fill you up and make you a woman.

As things starts to look up

In the end of things as Jesus understod the path God had set before him as Barabbas was choosen to be released and Jesus was sent to the cross. In to his final moment he served God's will out to it's fullest. Knowing in the end of it all as he stated that he was the first and the last. That he was the only one that God would sacrifice in such a terrible way. I will now carry out all the things put in front of me with such faith.
Jason Silva

Jason Silva takes up the need for an awakening.
Things only make's sence looking back
So I just read an article of how sickening Swedish Justice system is due to the fact there is no rights watch creating change for the people who get alligated. Every nation under earth needs an constituion and a bill of rights...

Daniel, 11 years old, is found bloody in a ditch on May 30, 2001.
Half a scissor stuck in the tin, almost forty chop in the upper body.
Hundreds of children in Sweden are herded, under conditions that the UN describes as torture-like.
23 hours a day, the children are isolated, without any contact with the outside world.
"The isolation can, among other things, cause panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, complacency and indifference," says Anna Karin Hildingson Boqvist, Head of Investigation at the Children's Spokesmen.
Sticks in the internal organs, punctured lungs.
Jonas - Daniel's 12-year-old best friend - is soon regarded as a murderer by the police.
To the press you already say that evening: there is no maniac loose.
One and a half months later, long before the hearings have ended, the police say in a press release that a peer friend - Jonas - killed Daniel.
The preliminary investigation in Hovsjö in the summer of 2001 reiterates the working method used by the police in Arvika three years earlier, when four-year-old Kevin is found dead on a pallet and his five and seven-year-old playmates Robin and Christian are stamped as a killer of the police.
The police's methods in Arvika - reviewed by DN and SVT in spring 2017 - will be back in Södertälje:
○ Extracted interrogation process with experimental methods where the child is clearly plagued without protection from a legal representative.
○ No binding technical evidence. No witnesses.
○ Impact of Sven Å Christianson, professor of psychology whose interrogation methods contributed to judging Sture Bergwall for eight murders he was later released from.
- They have used police interrogation as a form of therapy to induce the boy to tell. It's serious. I saw the same tendencies during the Quick Investigation, says the retired criminal commissioner Jan Olsson, one of Sweden's most experienced criminal investigators.
DN continues today the review of how Swedish judiciary pointed out children as killer without trial.
If you understand Swedish you can listen to the 112(911) call.

As things have unfolded my documentation of my crazy nighly dreams starts to have a pattern and purpous.

So in this vision, something I have told on video (I belive) on Alex freetour at least face to face to Jeff. That I let out all the soul's from hell to, in that dream. Either how as this creepy coinsidens as I listen through the 40 first second of the video above.

From the book Zen game manifesto
6 years of discussion around video games and rebirth finally had come to a point where I knew something that I could not explain. Laying in bed pissed of over the BP oil catastrophe, news announcing that we are going to hit 12 on the dooms day clock. Hating the situation that I was in with my parents, with the last work place and with the haters. I had huge cognitive dissonance trying to figure how politician (that later showed out to be a Nazi) think. I meditated, during my meditation I found myself floating above the earth. In deep bliss full joy, looking down at the earth and feeling menace pain, somehow the bliss and the joy was stronger. (This is super mind, Spiral dynamics) Still being somewhat angry because everyone was destroying the earth and I did not want to return. But I was not alone there was others here to, floating in bliss I decided to start to trap the souls that seemed to be not suitable to be reborn. Well guess what shit got out of hand pretty quickly. Eventually there was a person that was so close to become a suitable soul to return so I gave him another chance, this lead to some uprising so I decided all souls had to return.

Seems like goddess want people to understand and follow the prinsiples of the book Outwitting the Devil by Napolion Hill.

Since most of these right wing extremist and Trump supporters seems to blame their enviroment for their misshaps. Rather then taking control over it them self it seems a good idea for people to understand this. After all most of the people who like the idea of tyrany are drifters in life.
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