I have add some things the Unity with God booklet.. This booklet is so far the quickes way I have created to make a person present and getting read of negative tought patterns. The focus here is on the changes are about the Spirit of goddess.
About self-reliance
So, since I use this web page in my presentation I want to promot myself with this work. While growing a beard.On the first PAGE.

So, I created a new video post
I have created a video post for people who might get panic attack due to current global situation. In helping them deal with the emotions. Spiritual coping strategies for the current global political climate.
I like to promote Jim Carrey, he is inspiring with his spiritual work
Proof of a Universal consciousness
non-local consciousness researchers have conclusively shown that consciousness exists independently of the brain and after death, based on hundreds of verified case studies that demonstrate this fact beyond a shadow of a doubt. - BY STANISLAV GROF, M.D., Ph.D.
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