Exciting times, the fourth industrial revolution
As the fourth industrial revolution is on the horizon whe humanity have the possiblity for great change on this planet.

We can build a new system, a system that don't promote war, that don't promote conflict or competition in everyday life other that chosen companion. All we have we need to do is to make a choice to make the change and to commit to making it happen. There is no need for a depopulation on the earth with the Venus project there is a show of skyscraper growth houses with automation, we have the capability to provide for everyone, but why does the Georgia headstone promote a world with only 5 billion people when we have 8 billion people living on the earth at the current moment?
Johansson, Daniel. Zen game manifesto I to XIII: The grid (Kindle Locations 3614-3619).

Mr. Elitot

I have found that Eliot from the tv series Mr. Robot is one of the most inspiring character on TV right now. In terms of finding personal power and manifesting global change. But, Eliot has a drug addiction, if you are like Eliot, we have what you need a clean life with the tools needed to continue doing all the good.
My journey

My journey of spirituality is something I would like to tribute with this video from Jim Carrey, I belive as him that life happens for you.
Wake up call, earth to humanity.
Minds Everywhere: 'Panpsychism' Takes Hold in Science
So today i received news from IONS Origins of consciousness channel on Facebook. That "Panpsychism is taking hold in science." for those of you who like the nitty gritty details of things you can check it out here.

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