The new set milestone to take.
Finding some old journal notes :)
I am really motivated to stop both coffee and cigarette and to start working on my cardio. Yesterday as I was fucking a girl with her hands on her back on her knees with my finger in her ass my cock kept on getting pushed out as she came over and over again. And it sucked after fucking her a wile my cock eventually went limp here vagina muscles where strong but usually my cock can withstand strong pressure but cigarettes and coffee is not good for the stiffy. + I eventually got to tired to go on. She was happy of course after a pause I could fuck her till I came she got one more orgasm but I got one MALE multiple orgasm. YAY!

See how stardust bacame you.
Making peace with egotism on a global scale
I want to lift up how to get the bravery so needed in this world.

and what we are fighting against. IN form of terror now.
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