As a sexist president is in the white house and a silent
As a sexist president is in the white house and a silent roar of feminism victory stirs a flood of people studing social democratic values through feminism. They just need to stop raging about it, that will happen well on it's own course of time. With that the global awarness from Al Gore's An inconvienient sequal, while I am sitting on public image dynimite that needs to keep record of. But if handeled well its all set to deploy in a good order an fasion with no such need of. From there a new movment will come from all the spiritual mindful teachings that are coming in with Jim Carry. I have the recipie for global success.

Things start to make sense.

25 sep. 2017

30 nov. 2016
Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) reports
I read to today on IONS facebook group that: "Between quantum physics and neuroscience, a theory emerges of a mental field we each have, existing in another dimension and behaving in some ways like a black hole."
Troublesome for the atheist's. Read the article here.
Our hero
Our hero and good role model. Former vice president Al Gore.
Since actually semantics have an huge impact on how our mind and consciousness work together.
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