Anonymous can be a good role model.

So nice to see the younger generation take actions to make a better world.


Just like a Matrjosjka we grow in life. All these parts should live with us: The innocent child, the little boy, the teenager, the young man, the man and the old man. If we lose any of these parts of our self or don’t let any of these parts grow out thru us. We stop being a functioning person. The innocent child could not see past his family, the little boy could not see past his friends and city. The teenager could not see past his country, nationality and religion. The young man past his continent. The man could not see past earth, but he was now the father of the innocent child. The old man could see the universe and then tough the young men that listened. They all live in us still or should do.
“Reaching the meadow I told her, we are here. We have a blanket some wine and the scones we baked. I was thinking we could start a fire here its private, nice and it has a fireplace. We sat down by the fire with some wine chewing some raspberry leaf. I felt dizzy high on love. She ran around to look down a cliff. It’s only forest around us; no one will see us here. She laughed silly, ran over to me, made out with me and shoved her hand down my pants to jerk me of. We made out and hugging with sweat all over our bodies. Then she started to throw off all her clothes one piece at a time, nude as the day she was born she outburst I feel so free around you. Please take me.”
Once humanity lived in tribes some as big as 100 people they were all family with the exceptions of fresh blood coming in from other tribes. They hunted and gathered together and shared all the shores. If resources got scares within the tribe, they made war and pillaged other groups of people. Then they learned how farm and build city’s. Humanity was in the stage of a little boy. Several cities’ banned together and formed country’s to help one another to grow, evolve and to fight of foes. Humanity was in the stage of a teenager. Countries wanted to grow since the leader’s kings and emperors went sick for power and riches. War started over continents. Then they could see that war took more than it gave and they formed trade alliances. Humanity was in the stage of a young man. Humanity started to look up to the sky and understood that they lived on a rock in space a call for unity came. The thirst of power and resource once again grew in the humans. Humanity is on its way to reach the stage of a man. But some of us listened to the old man and learned and grew faster.
Some grow faster than others, who are you? Remember growth come thru patience.
Johansson, Daniel. Angel's Ride (Kindle Locations 776-796).
Exciting times, the fourth industrial revolution
As the fourth industrial revolution is on the horizon whe humanity have the possiblity for great change on this planet.

We can build a new system, a system that don't promote war, that don't promote conflict or competition in everyday life other that chosen companion. All we have we need to do is to make a choice to make the change and to commit to making it happen. There is no need for a depopulation on the earth with the Venus project there is a show of skyscraper growth houses with automation, we have the capability to provide for everyone, but why does the Georgia headstone promote a world with only 5 billion people when we have 8 billion people living on the earth at the current moment?
Johansson, Daniel. Zen game manifesto I to XIII: The grid (Kindle Locations 3614-3619).

Mr. Elitot

I have found that Eliot from the tv series Mr. Robot is one of the most inspiring character on TV right now. In terms of finding personal power and manifesting global change. But, Eliot has a drug addiction, if you are like Eliot, we have what you need a clean life with the tools needed to continue doing all the good.
My journey

My journey of spirituality is something I would like to tribute with this video from Jim Carrey, I belive as him that life happens for you.
Wake up call, earth to humanity.
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