When you have found two big puzzle pieces

As it seems the simulation theory (Nick Bostrom) fiths with the Overview effect (Frank White). This goes to show that these two have some valid connection in their beingness.

#metoo and anonymous are on the level of change.

The need for #metoo is still strong.
Giving joy to others brings you pride and peace
Things looking up, I feel so happy for my big brother right. It feels alright to give him a nest egg. As things evloves on that market and as he is willing to continue to invest in bitcoin's.

So, some of you have big goal's in science as did I once

Some of you surely have big goals in a scientific career. Make sure to look at IONS to see if you can make a difference.
The killing of pet's
So, I have personal experince of how it is to face cruel killings of my personal pet's. Horrid and painful as it is to loose a loved family member. It is important to find these sadistic individuals.

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