More simulation theory and a HERO

So, I want to lift forward an inspiring hero.
Hymn for goldilocks
Chode medal
I had the dog's owner in my appartment, she stood up against me. I could tell what she ment by the situation after all she had commented on one of the presenting pictures on my webb page with a fitting text. I declined with: If you are looking for a sexual partner I am not it, it's not you. In fact I have been fantasising about having sex with a woman with a well built shoulder and back like you. But I have promised not to have sex with any one here in Motala.

Making sence of my life experince

As things start to make more sence about the future of big data, I want to lift forward. My analysis metodology for big Social data.
Once again
As more and more focus keep on being turned towards globalism. The importance there of I want to lift forward Stephen Hawking.

At the Zen game manifesto, we teach how to become a global citizen.
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