For 8 months
For 8 months I lived on the Streets of Stockholm, it was a hugh test for me. It was my trail of passage. I got to face the elements, criminals on the streets and the ill treatment by the population while working on my books. I did it with good mood, stature and presiverence. The zen game manifesto will pull out streangth in you that you did not knew that you had. I found my experince living on the streets as one of the most learning and rewarding challange I have gone through.
In the end of the Journey of Knowing thy Self
In the end of the Journey of Knowing thy Self. We come to the question do we belive in a higher meaning to it all we stand in the face of the question do we belive in God.
2 august 2017
Humanit have passed the earth resource budget early this year. Overshoot day is something founded by WWF to remind humantiy of the wasteful use of the earth resources. We the humanity are living like we had 1,7 earth's but we only have ONE. Bad news for our children, we can't go to the planet bank and borrow a new earth.
Welcome to the school were you can learn about fashion, success in life, dating and in work. Please feel free to brows thought the video section and take action today.
Hello world
Hi, have you ever been sabotaged? I have and I learned a ton of my self as I worked on my survival to fix the situation I was in, to persist and to learn about everything I needed to have the will and motivation to surpass any task in achievement with endurance with a high result. To finally punished those who done those awful things, by the court of law or fair judgment. Follow through my journey as I evolve to a success and survive poisoning. Only to return stronger and wiser then never before and learn about the tools that I used.
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