Premodern Mythological Evil, in 10 bullets

I found an old definition of evil.
1. Evil is its own reality (not in contact with reality)
2. Disguises itself (Lie's)
3. Creates false perceptions (manipulate)
4. Is seductive
5. Is contagious (Allow you to act in a similar manner)
6. Is present long before you realize it (hide it's self)
7. Ruins your personal and social life
8. Correlate your creativity and vitality (Steal ideas instead create then)
9. It denies mortality and all human constraints (Can not take reality)
10. Shows the effects on everyone around it (Family and Friends)
The new arms race, is AI

The west must win this race.
Or else, terminator genisis... alsmost.
My journey, from homeless to grandmothers dream
The last polish needs to be with new video material
LifeMindOS, is a center piece and foundation of a new Self-help learning technic. By teaching you a metaparadigm to better learn, how to harness those untapped resource, by teaching you psychological technic's, spiritual, mindfulness and with the help of Jesus Christ go through a spiritual rebirth and by learning to adapt Dr. Nick Boström simulation hypothesis, in everyday life. That also follow's Dr. Don Beck's integral theory and Dr. Ken Wilber's Spiral dynamic's model of state's and stage's. LifeMindOS offer's the possibility to easy "install" how the master's with in their field think's and approach what they are trying to accomplish; it's called paradigm's that you can add on to the metaparadigm we have to offer. The LifeMindOS is simply something you can buy "upgrade" packages as Dating, becoming the social spider, project handling. All learned from masters in their field, installed as a paradigm, you will think as the master. You will be reborn, but just with more highly effective possibility to process and learn, the T2000 version of you. It is as close as that chair from the movie the matrix you can come.
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