The most beautiful motivational speech I have ever heard
As it looks now

First video's from me being on the streets

and from now.

There is a clear difference in appearance and in vibe.
The result are in
Girl opened me in the store, she used an opinion opener on me, it was about the color on the t-shirt, orange or red.
I said: it has never been so important, that the truth comes out; that t-shirt is RED!
I could actually see how her pussy throbed by the watering in her eyes as she leaned towards me and screamed.
- NO! That means you are in the red team, we are enemies. What, are you think about now?
- Well, since you asked, I am wondering if your teary eye's come's from you being so horney, that your pussy acctually hurts.
Breaking through to the other side
I am writing this as I just have broken through two very hard sticking point's in terms of confidence.
The first on is that you don't need to be watchful about what you put in my body, so you don't need to plan in a head what you want to eat and such. As you can tell the statement of being watchful is very abstract. You can still plan what you want to eat, but you don't have to.
Second one is about not defining myself and for that to be, there is one affirmation to use: The beingness that is me, can't be defined. OR just go I am defineless. Nothing living can really be defined it's unique as this moment is unique.
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