When your country get's robbed of its ablity to defend it's self

Lessons from the wild

When Computers meet simulation theory

I feel like new
When your work touches soul's

As anon became a group of students of mine, it feels like my work have changed things ones more. I feel gratitude.

The books are avalible here on my google drive account.
Summer's report
The giggle and IoI flurry
As a went of the train at mjölby station, I meet the first attractive girl. I hit the switch and projected my energy outwards. The sexual attraction was mutal, I still did not open. The cashier in the kiosk called me such a stud after I opend her with strong eye contact: HI! (Wave), Yeah Summer (fist in air, girl giggles says yeaaah), Hard rock, Yeah, (metall hand sign, very unreactive, girl giggle's on why not she say's) , and sandwich (putting my palms together turning them over from vertical to horizantal, girl say's yes, i mean no, I mean yes), make's it tip-top (girl say's yeeees). You have to be this high to go with this ride, tell me your age.
Girl goes whaa..t..
- I make it easy for you are you over eight teen.
Girl said no.
I said: To bad for you. But don't worry, the future is still filled with tickets for you.
- But your such a stud!

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