So, presentation is alot
Having the chance now to create better video material to actually display from where my STUBBORNNESS got me; and also got me away from.

I have learned:
How to adapt tactical/strategic knowledge to any type of process, either it is law, battle, dating, project or economy.
How to find ways to speak and connect with people.
How to build a social network.
How to manage my emotions.
How to manage my mind into something really usefull.
To hold a globalist view or a cosmo centric view.
How to manage shock and stress.
How to connect to all my beings parts, the child, the young boy, the teenager and so on.....
Being able under the most extreme condition's take the best and effective decision possible.
All the therapeutic spiritual tools needed to take you from a place of dis-empowerment to self empowerment.
To have or rather hold the eye in the sky view that any type of commander wants to have in battle, aka eye's of god.
Eye's of god
A demo of "eye in the sky"/"eye's of god"
The Grid
When I studied system analytics I had an top down visualization with small blue dots representing people. The simulation was about the risk of getting infected with the swine flu. Seeing one of the blue dots as me; I came to the conclusion that I was just one in the crowd. But I was also the one creating the simulation, as consciousness that is what we are. We stand outside this universe. We are as consciousness what is not in the simulation, all we do is just play these small dots. On the grid of the simulation our little meat puppets run or walk around. But we are not the meat puppet. We are who's not and what's not.

Johansson, Daniel. Zen game manifesto I to XIII: The grid (Kindle Locations 3705-3710). 
For Julien Blanc
So, looking back having to face the social degregation of defending Julien. It was the right thing.
Listen to Elon Musk about the simulation theory
Drive – A guide in sheer force of will
So, to better explain how I make myself move forward. As sport athletes it's about the force of will one carry. And how to access it. Driver – A guide in sheer force of will

Finding old notes
A feeling of standing beside a cliff, fronting the unknown abyss. With a believe that everything is going to be alright, one foot out and next foot out in the unknown. Like Albert Einstein on a futon in space. On the edge of your life and beyond, your in serge not the ego not the mind. Decisions form rapidly in the moment from next thing to the next thing. If you ask the question what you are supposed to do, you are doing it wrong. You will feel it grow out do it or don’t. But be a doer or at least go get(h)er.
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